love’s true pain

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

‘Hypnosis’ /// Positive Noise (1980)

Obscuro post-punk Wednesday: This will fuck yr hump day right up with caffeine rhythm track + atonal synths.




‘Us’ /// Azealia Banks (2012)

Lots hype around her tickling of taboo, but singing voice can burn like engine rev / drift like river bed.




‘Close To Me’ /// Willis Earl Beal (2011)

Outsider Blues? Secret Blues? Hype Blues? Viral Blues? Designer Blues? New Real Blues? I Dunno Blues.




‘Gushy Wushy’ /// Da Brat (2003)

When drunk, my default is 00s R&B. ‘Cause it’s smart, sassy, modern, adult, playful, open and beautiful.


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