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eight tweets about punk

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

‘Generation N.E.Y. / Bad Girls’ /// M.I.A. (2010)

Been thinking about punk, accidentally. Its contradictions. What remains.

Like: Siouxsie’s ’76 swastika is usually dismissed as a shock tactic – but if you treat it as a means of resisting recuperation…

Like: The Sex Pistols’ comebacks as culmination of The Rock’n’Roll Swindle – their refusal to pretend it was anything other than a job.

By refusing to pose as artists with higher aims, by inviting hate, a flicker of reality within the spectacle. Punkest thing they ever did?

Like: The best punk artist of the last decade does not use guitars (see video, below).

Like: The punkest thing about Nirvana was Kurt’s inability to articulate/process his emotions + unwillingness to cloak this inability.

And so the essence of punk must be that which is elided by critics or copyists. It is what is jettisoned in interpretation.

If it can be enjoyed without qualm, or understood through reduction – if it’s self-consistent – it’s not punk.

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operation mind control

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

‘I’m Hurt Bad’ /// Angelo Badalamenti (1990) The sharpest cut / bluntest trauma from the little-known ‘Twin Peaks: Season Two Music and More’ comp (offshore bonus: Angelo relives the composition of the Twin Peaks ‘Love Theme’).




‘Riddler!’ /// The Fall (1986) It is silly to have a favourite Fall song, but this one haunts me like a paranoid screensaver (a paranoid screensaver knows there’s something behind it).